Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting there...

Worked more on the herb garden today..and we're almost done! This morning I pulled out the big rototiller and tilled up the area, it was doable for the most part. I will say if your not used to man handling a big rototiller don't try it! One I got the top tilled up I raked up bits here and there that were left from the weeds, and found any section that wasn't tilled very well. Than repeat. after a few passes I finally had the "mound" area fully tilled and everything was more or less level. Then it was covering it with the black weed blocker and ..
Once everything was covered with the weed blocker (after treating the area for weeds) I started adding in the mulch..
Almost done, Need at least one more bag of the mulch but I'm almost done! Well, with this part anyway. Next is more planters, more herbs, some shelves/tables to put things on and it'll be done..Admittedly it might be a summer project, but it'll be done at some point! and now that the biggest (hardest) part is done it'll be mostly fun from now on.
While I worked on this, Hans worked on fixing the back fence and got two sections replaced on the crossbeams and a couple of panels done. All in all it was a pretty productive weekend.