Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crabbing at the coast!

It was a beautiful day at the beach! We went for a "crabbing class" and learned about catching crab from the shore vs. dock or boat. It was a fun talk and then it was putting stuff into action!

First of course we had to see the "locals"...

Then it was time to put the new "crab trap" to use..
Kaitlyn wanted to go first, so Arianna and Cris looked for some shell while Kaitlyn did her thing..After a few throws to close to the shore We tried another technique to throw the trap.
So here's Kaitlyn twirling the trap around her head before tossing it in..She actually got pretty good as it! We still need to practice and get it figured out a bit better as even the mom's weren't getting it far enough out!

In between throws Arianna checked out the area..
And yes, the harbor seals will get pretty darn close so you have to keep an eye on them. They were having a great time playing around not far from where we were standing.  We'll have to go again soon! Even Dominic had a great time!

He had a great time watching us and eating anything Victoria gave him! Already trying to make plans for another trip before the end of the month..Also want to get the hubby out there and see if he can get it out where it should be!

All in all we caught....ONE. yep, one. And it was female and to small so it had to go back. The kids did have to "pet" it before it went back in though. We are all a little red in the face from the sun, but other than that, had a great time!