Monday, July 21, 2014

Snowball effect...

I'm having a couple of those days that you start out with some interesting news...and then things just keep going and going. Gathering up speed as they roll down the hill in a snowball effect. It's all good thankfully! I have some materials on the way that I'm getting some help in reviewing/checking out. It should be a fun experiment..then on top of that...we have event's coming up, a couple of job interviews for my oldest, and a possible interest in a very unique area that we are actually hoping pans out. Then I spent part of the weekend getting some more closets organized so I have a place to put business supplies and school supplies and they won't get completely mixed up.

A friend of ours and her son came down on Saturday to spend the afternoon with us. We had a great lunch at a restaurant in town (they have the best sandwiches in town), we went and played at the park for awhile, then packed up and headed out to go play in the creek and catch crawdad's (or mudbugs if your from the south. LOL). We had tons of fun!

Then on Sunday we found a canopy for our upcoming events and ran down to pick it up (about an hour round trip). Hubby got some work done of the fence and I got some stuff ready to be finished and put in the mail today.

This morning we washed and cleaned the car (inside and out), got all the kids seat cushions in the wash, put up the new canopy to make sure it was fairly easy to put up and take down.
Then UPS delivered some books and our business cards. Dominic discovered a book and loved it. I'm going to have to get some more for him!

The girls have their roll-on bags for the trip out, dusted off and ready for the trip. They pretty much ask daily if they can pack yet. I'm thinking they'll end up packed and ready to go a month early! They are on pins and needles! Things have been busy, but I think this week will be a bit slower and we'll be able to catch up on some things. And we might even get a couple of days with some showers and another thunderstorm possibility.