Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travels and school

It's now less than 3 weeks until we leave home. The kids have gotten their new walking shoes and are all excited to go. They have me pull up the countdown timer every morning so they can see how many days left (yes, they can do the math, but they like watching it count down). We are packing pretty light and I think in reality we could have put everyone's clothes into one suitcase and had a little room to spare, but we went ahead and did the two big cases. One for the adults and one for the kids, with the idea that we'll have plenty of room to bring things home with us!
Of course we also saw in the news today that Iceland's volcano is making some noises! The first time that happened we ended up in Frankfurt Germany for 24 hours and as much as we enjoyed the hotel and food, we are not wanting to repeat the process so we are hoping that nothing comes of it. We wouldn't mind visiting Frankfurt for fun on one of our trips however!
As I was driving down to the store today I started noticing how many of the tree's are already starting to change colors! This doesn't usually happen until the middle of September! At least enough that people are starting to notice. We do wonder does that mean we will have a harsher winter and hope not!
But since it was feeling kind of like autumn already today, I sat down and started looking thru school stuff for the year. We will continue to do the unit studies (we'll incorporate the Encyclopedia's of World History, Geography and Science with them), Duolingo for foreign languages, the math wrap ups and 10 days to mastery in addition, subtraction and multiplication for this year as well. We'll do some online stuff with Discoveryk12 and moby max.

These are just some of the books for next year. I have the subtraction and Multiplication wrap up kits on the next order. Of course we'll still use a lot of our free resources and websites (the above other than the math) are pretty much all reference books so other than the three encyclopedia's in the first picture everything else is not going to be a daily basis. We have a lot of educational apps downloaded, a lot of free books both from ibooks and amazon.
Kaitlyn is now "officially" registered as a homeschooler for the next school year so she's all excited. Arianna is a bit miffed she can't be "official" until next year, but it gives her something to look forward to.
Now I have some time to look over everything and get an idea of where we want to start when we get back from our trip. I like to keep the list of things we are going to use the most where I can get to it easily. Then it's firming up days/times for clubs, fieldtrips and other activities. Looking forward to yet another crazy busy year!