Monday, September 15, 2014

Artis Royal Zoo - Amsterdam

Spent the day at Artis Royal Zoo and had a blast! The kids were pretty enthralled from beginning to end! The first thing you saw as you walked in the front entrance was this..

Followed closely by THIS...
The girls were fascinated by the size of his horns! I don't blame them! It was pretty impressive. They have a couple others there as well, but this one was the largest we saw at the time. After that it was finding a fun way to take Dominic around the zoo! While we did have our own umbrella stroller the one available at the zoo was far more appealing to the kids! Kaitlyn insisted on dragging him around all day!                                                                                                                        
Shortly after entering we ran across a couple of familiar zoo animals. These however, looked to be enjoying the afternoon sun!

We were very excited to see they had a reptile house as that is our current unit study thanks to Daisy the Dragon our newest family member. The komodo dragon was there and on display (pictured) as well as other favorites! Monitors, lizards (including the glass lizard), and even a cobra!
Before long is was time to have a nice drink, a little apple pie and some running around time on the play ground.
While we sat there and watched the kids play this lovely fellow sat down just across from us.
He sat there the whole time just pretty as you please! However, after some fun play time and climbing around it was on to some more zoo animals and finally a rather large friendly face.

He didn't want to move his position so I couldn't get a better shot unfortunately. So off we went again and visited the aquarium, the gorilla, wallaby, and more! Finally it was time to go and we headed out walking thru Amsterdam and stopped by one of our favorite stops "Luna Café". Where Arianna ordered a ham and cheese sandwich...
She says "Now THAT is a ham and cheese sandwich. Not like the little bitty things we get at home!"Hans and I both ordered Brie sandwiches, while Kaitlyn ordered a chocolate muffin. Dominic, the poor guy, missed out as he was fast asleep. The girls decided to join him on the way home on the bus.