Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rijksmuseum, french fries at war, and a fun day

We spent the day in Amsterdam visiting the Rijksmuseum and walking around the city. First stop was Rijksmuseum of course to get that part done early enough that it wasn't horribly crowded. The girls enjoyed seeing the exhibits. The ornate cannons won the day for Arianna, while Kaitlyn loved all the historical wedding dresses! Dominic wasn't to excited about anything other than learning to walk in shoes! After a while at the museum (we will return before we have to head home in October) we walked around Amsterdam and stopped for the all important French fries at war! Now normally I get just the French fries at war (peanut sauce and mayo..It's better than it sounds) this time Kaitlyn insisted she wanted French fries at war with blood (Ketchup) of course one look at it and she was sure that was NOT what she wanted! I ended up eating it. I did wonder how the ketchup would change the taste and it was actually better than I thought it might be. Next time however I want my French fries at war with bombs (onion). I found a little store that has some fun tea kettles and mugs, etc. and will go shopping before the end of our visit! I did get a small list together for things to buy for friends back in the states so we will have pretty full suitcases on the way back! Hans teases me that we may have to buy an extra suitcase to get everything home! I, of course, said that if we just moved here he wouldn't have to worry about it! He's not to sure of that idea either! We'll have to keep working on him I think! Tomorrow is the Artis Royal Zoo, this weekend a day of climbing the rock wall in Amsterdam and a trip to the wooden shoe maker! The girls went to a small petting zoo this time that had wooden shoes for the visitors to use if they didn't want to walk thru the pastures with their own shoes so of course the girls spend the afternoon clomping around in them! They also think it would be a great idea to have a pair for at home! I don't think they would be that comfortable, but I didn't try them on. Guess I'll have to give it a go at the shoe makers place and see what I think! Here are a couple of the girls favorite photo's from Rijksmuseum. I'll add more pictures and more info tomorrow (hopefully) when I have a bit more time.