Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Yes, We have arrived in The Netherlands! Had a beautiful day yesterday but today was a bit overcast and had a small drizzle this morning. We are still trying to get over the time difference issues so we stayed close to home today and just took a small walk around Uithoorn and took some pictures. I still have to get things downloaded but pictures will start rolling in soon! I am happy to say that all three kids did very well on the flight and we had several people tell us how great the kids did and how much they enjoyed listening to the girls conversations. One even mentioned that Dominic must be an old hand at traveling and was surprised to hear this was his first trip. He did manage to have great timing and slept thru every single meal they served us! Tomorrow we head into Amsterdam and trips to Delft, Haarlem, Maastricht, Thorn and others have been mapped out! Looking forward to some sightseeing in new area's!