Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aachen Germany

We rode into Aachen Germany and enjoyed a few hours walking about. The first stop was the Dom. The church is the oldest in Northern Europe and built in or around 796 during Charlemagne's rule (some interesting history there for the kids as well!).  There was no entry fee, but if you wanted to take pictures it was a single euro donation per camera. Money well spent! The Dom is beautiful! Here's a picture of Ari walking around inside, I have more on the ipad but need to switch to get to them! I'll do a post with more pictures once I have everything on the big computer at home.

  We made the mistake of going into the "silence room" that wasn't open to everyone. Thankfully the girls just went in sat down on the pew and silently looked around and well sat in contemplation...for all of 2 minutes and then it was into the larger room. Would love to explore the area a bit more some day! Behind the Cathedral is another beautiful building.

If you get tired of walking around there is always a yummy treat to pick up somewhere.
and for entertainment checking out the street performers/statues is tons of fun!
After all that walking make sure to stop, sit down, have a cup of coffee and a bit to eat! We had the girls try some traditional German sausage, but they didn't seem to like it much. They did however love the German fries much like the jo-jo's they can pick up at home. We loved visiting and would love to see some other area's of Germany, however the girls seemed to prefer the Dutch food just a bit more.