Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vaalserberg and Three countries...

We spent a leisurely day discovering Vaalserberg and at one point had three kids in three different countries at the exact same time! Vaalserberg is the highest point of the Netherlands and just a few short steps from the meeting point of Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.
The girls had a fast picture at the top and then over to take some pictures of the meeting point between the countries. Here you see one child in each country!
Of course we had to take a time out to play on the playground! This was actually one of the cooler days we've had. We've lucked out and had wonderful autumn weather while here! It felt wonderful after all the very hot stuff at home!
Then the girls and I climbed the tower (bottom picture) while the others waited below and enjoyed the view! The girls enjoyed the view, but before long decided that while it was very cool, it was also just a little bit scary!