Sunday, October 5, 2014


We headed to Maastricht with the kids the day after exploring the tower and tri point area.

We walked along the river for a bit, then headed across the bridge and into the shopping area. I must say they do have some wonderful shops! The VVV has a wonderful little "history hunt" for the kids to do that walks them through some of the old buildings, etc. so we did that for a tiny bit before heading to the old wall.

The gate had a small historical museum in it where the girls could see and try and pick up cannon balls of different sizes, see where the tunnels were built up for the defense of the city and learned where d'Artagnon (of musketeer fame) died. We finished walking to the top of the gate tower and had a fast look around before back down and finding our way to the museum of natural history.  I do of course have once again more photo's to share once I have all the photo's together on one computer! After a fast trip thru the museum it was back to Vaals and out to eat traditional Dutch pancakes.  The next day was visiting the castle as we headed back north.