Sunday, October 5, 2014

Castle Visit

Our stop the next day was Kasteel Hoensbroek. A beautiful big castle with lots to see. The girls had fun trying some "old" style games before heading into the main castle..
First things are first and of course it was much to fun for them NOT to do it...

We did refrain from throwing rotten food at them however ;)

As we walked thru the castle learning about the history of it (and walking up those old castle steps is much more difficult than you would think!) I did try and take a few pictures here and there, but this one kind of gives you a birds eye view from the tower.
The girls of course started asking why they had the "bathrooms" where they did and what happens when you go to the bathroom. That meant explaining how when you would go to the bathroom everything went from the toilet straight out into the mote and for some reason that just makes those wonderful motes sound not so wonderful anymore! The girls are now a bit more happy with indoor plumbing!
After walking around we had a bit to drink and eat in the castle café before heading back out on the road.
One interesting thing Hans and I have noticed is that unlike in the U.S. when you go to a restaurant or café associated with say the zoo or the aquarium the cafes we have gone to in all the attractions here do not gouge you for more money for the same stuff you can get outside the attraction. Which of course means we are much more willing to stay at the attraction/museum we are visiting to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of pie or whatever before heading out to do more.