Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cobra Museum of Modern Art

Dominic stayed with Omi and Opa while the rest of us headed to Cobra.
After seeing so much of the early stuff (from Ancient Egypt to the Dutch Masters and everything in
between) It was time to see some of the "new" stuff.  

The girls were told they'd have a "test" at the end of the visit and went "WHAT?!?!"  LOL. 
So we looked at the different paintings, sculptures etc. talked about the different textures, layers and colors the new stuff had compared to the older stuff. Then at the end of the day we asked them which did they like better the old stuff or the new stuff, which was their favorite artist, and why. They thought that was a pretty easy test! Kaitlyn likes the old stuff (Rembrandt, Van Gogh) better and thought some of the newer stuff was just odd while Arianna thought she actually like both for different reasons. 
After our visit to Cobra it was over for a fast eat (The museum is actually right next to a small shopping area). We stopped at the fish market for snacks...

White fish bites in one container and mussle in the other. Both girls gave them each a try and of course, each liked one but not the other. Kaitlyn liked the white fish better while Arianna thought the mussel had a bit more flavor! Some days we just can't agree on anything! After a fast snack we walked around the shopping area and then headed back home. 
We all had a wonderful time during our vacation. The girls were sad to leave, but happy to be back home as well.  The flight home was long. Instead of our normal direct flight we had a stop and layover which turned our normal 10 hour flight into a 14 hour flight (not including the time for the layover) to say the least we stayed in a hotel the first night before driving the 2 hours home the next morning. 
Dominic took the first week to try and adjust by waking up every morning between 4 and 5 which of course made for some VERY long days for me! The girls bounced back pretty fast with just a couple of early mornings and of course Hans started back up at work the following Monday so he didn't get much rest between at all. 
Now just to get back to our normal routines...