Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Daily life...

  Someday's you start out all put together, and by the end of the day...

I had someone recently ask what it's like to homeschool and why we choose it. As I've mentioned before there are so many reasons and it's different for each family.  That being said, is homeschooling always fun and exciting?

Well, no, but neither is life in general. Homeschooling just like anything else has it's ups and downs. Some times its wonderful and other times you just deal with it. We have days we don't feel like doing anything, other days we have so much scheduled I have to wonder what exactly I was thinking. Somedays it's wondering if they are getting "enough" then there are days when you actually see that they do get the info. There are days when you think how much easier it would be to send them to school. Some days it's the dealing with a kid who can't sit still (Ari has now been "rocking out" for 45 minutes...she has to slow down at some point doesn't she?) Winter can be worse for us, grey cloudy, wet and cold so we don't always get to go outside and with 2 kids (Ari and Dominic) who pretty much NEED to be outside on a fairly regular basis, this year we'll be taking advantage of the indoor play place! Use what you have! It can be hard when you have a calmer child who is ready to sit down and one who is easily distracted and always on the move. Trying to do one on one...yeah, somedays that just doesn't happen.

Yes, it's hard at time not to "compare" your kids with kids in public school (and yes, sometimes in the comparison YOUR kids come out on top...and sometimes they don't). Try not to do it. It's a completely different kettle of fish! Besides, if your interested in taking them OUT of public school, why bring it home to compare to what your kids are doing there as well? Kids all develop a little differently and are ready for things sooner/later than their friends.  Try not to compare to other styles of homeschooling kids as well. It's really hard to try and compare someone who does unschooling to someone who is much more structured! They learn different things and different ways. Is it hard not to do this? sure is! I even caught myself doing it last night! Just be aware what your doing and if it's actually helping you at all.

Hang out with other homeschoolers/unschoolers! We all learn new and interesting things and can always add (or take out) something that we like (don't like) to our "school". Do not limit yourself! Ask questions if your new, or just observe for awhile and see how things "work" in other families. Don't put a time restriction of  trying it for one year! That first year is SO hard trying to figure out what works for your kids, what works for you family and you might find  you start out one way and finish out a complete 180 from where  you started!

Today...Today is all about the books. They want to read and read and read...guess I'm off to do some reading. Ari has finally tired herself out and can sit and listen. She really needs that physical outlet on a daily basis, or she gets worse and worse! That's one of the things that did get noticeable on vacation. She did pretty well on the days we were out walking etc. but on the "down" days it's a bit harder for her.