Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trying to find "THAT" book.

You know, "THAT" book! The one that will get the kids so interested in reading they'll really want to start doing it more and more...My oldest (the one that's turning 21 WAY to soon) hated reading for YEARS. It was torture not just for him, but for me as well to try and get him to pick up a book! He was something like 11 before he really got into reading and then he just took off! Read every single one of the Lemony Snickets "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Every single one! So with the girls taking after him some what in the reluctant reader category I decided to try and find something, ANYTHING, that might tempt them to read more...I've tried this book and that book. They found a few they really like for instance..
A book about a very special fish who does marvelous things, until we wishes he was just like all the other fish..
And this one they thought was cute...
About a frog who does princely deeds and at the end is rewarded with his own little castle..
But trying to find a chapter book has been hard. Nothing sounded good to them. We've tried a few that I think they WILL like when they are a bit older but was a bit to hard for them right now. I thought about doing The Little House series with them, but they didn't seem to interested in it. So I went thru some of Josh's old books and found the Harry Potter series. They hadn't heard of Harry Potter so I told them just a tiny bit. They seemed interested enough to give it a try. We've finished the first 3 chapters now and they are excited to start number four tomorrow! I'm not sure how long it will last but hopefully it will keep them excited enough that they'll decide reading CAN BE FUN! They are at least picking up books and trying to read them more and more..With us sitting down each night to read a few pages (or a whole chapter!) I'm hoping they'll fall into the habit of reading each night on their own. Right now we do it as "circle" time. I sit one one bench the girls each have their own bench (and yes, for Ari it is a bit hard to sit still for long so she tries as long as she can then moves a bit while still staying close enough to hear it) even Dominic will pull himself up on a bench and sit to listen. Maybe, just MAYBE he'll be the one that loves reading right off the bat! One can always hope!