Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween fun!!

We were invited to a Halloween party and trick or treating with some friends so the girls decided to do something "different" this year than the normal "princess" type dress up they've been doing...
Kaitlyn decided to be her favorite character out of Scooby Doo...Daphne
 Arianna decided to go with "Maddy the Mad Hatters daughter"
And Dominic went as "Domzilla"
The kids made Mummy dogs for dinner, along with jello brains and heart. They had batwings (black chips) with dip, Spider cider to drink (sprite) and lots of FUN!
They did get rather mummified...

 After playing for awhile it was time to go trick or treat. We did feel rather safe walking with our Ninja girl
and well protected with this guy around...
We also had a cute as a button Minnie mouse, and in case we all needed a fast get away Alien Dude...
Dominic went to the first couple of houses with the kids and then got put into the stroller as he wanted to walk every which way BUT the same direction as everyone else! Lucky for him, his sisters love him. At every door they trick or treated they always asked for "one more for Dominic". By the end of the night 3 kids were doing the "one more for Dominic" battle cry. Dominic came home with just as much candy as the big kids...which means Mommy and Daddy get a few treats as well!
After trick or treating it was back to the house for a fast snack, a game of bobbing for apples, bingo for cupcakes and find the party hats for prizes!
We all had a WONDERFUL time!