Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a wrap!!

Since Kaitlyn wants to do the whole Fashion and Design thing in Paris. She wanted something to use as a dress form. Those are pretty expensive so we decided to do our own. First we found an old set of clothes for her that we didn't mind cutting up...

Then we started wrapping her in tape..

We used one roll of Tape for the body wrap..

Once she was wrapped from top to bottom (or capri pant leg length) We used small bandage scissors to cut her out of them...
The old clothes stick to the inside of the tape so you don't have to worry about the tape folding in and sticking to the other side. Then we started stuffing in with old clothes that would have been tossed or turned into rags (to many holes/stains/etc. to donate). then carefully started taping the cut ends together while we worked from the bottom of the legs to the top...Once it's completed we'll post some more of what we did and how we did it.