Sunday, November 9, 2014

Working on the body..

Yes, we are still working on the body for the dress form. We bought the leg inserts and foam for the body and are working from the bottom up to get the body finished.

We've gotten about 3/4 of it done and filled. We have to wait at least overnight for it to cure and finish drying before we add in more to finish out the top of the torso and tape and fill the arms.
While we were waiting for the drying process on the leg section Kaitlyn got some other chores done for the sewing area she wants. She went thru and found all the material she could find...
sorted thru patterns.
looked thru the only 2 books I have for sewing and embroidery..

Picked out the colors for her sewing area...
and both girls picked out the new bedroom paint color and accent colors....
We picked up the Wild Geranium today since we needed more of that and the other two colors will just be small cans for accents etc. around their room. I've been slowly going thru Josh's old room and getting things moved, packed etc. for the stuff he couldn't take with him this time. Then it'll be moving everything else out and get the girls in there so we can strip their room, prime, paint and get on to the rest of their  room.
All this and a sick baby! Yep, poor Dominic caught a cold! He's doing better but has had a few rough days. We also have DIY club on Tuesday so we got the experiment stuff pulled, and started for the prep work. They also have a musical recital coming up so they've been working on their music for it. Going to be a very busy couple of months!