Sunday, November 30, 2014

And....she's off!

Kaitlyn had her first knitting lesson with a friend and really enjoyed it!

She's learned two basic stitches and had help to make a couple of button holes as well. We've started a couple of folders on pinterest for stuff she's interested in doing as well as some "learn to sew" tutorials, some fashion and design idea's, storage/organization ideas for her future sewing/craft area. She's currently on the hunt for a "head" and "hands" for hat work and jewelry work and is so excited to really being doing stuff now! I've got to take down the sewing machine and get it serviced before we pull that out for her to work on. She's also going to be starting a few small quilts. She's having a great time being "creative". Me, well I'm just very thankful to have very talented friends who can help her as I'm pretty hopeless in some of this stuff.