Friday, November 14, 2014

Our crazy life...

We've had an interesting time this last week or so and while I share stuff a LOT on facebook about what we have going on...I thought I'd share some of our posts on FB from this last week...

Just got back from entertaining Lowe's customers and employees with the girls. I guess most kids aren't talking about sticking wood into bodies, color explosion rooms, "mad" science labs, and building padded least after Halloween....

  One lady was in stitches and complimented (maybe?) me on "very expressive girls"
 On Pinterest and can't help but wonder how did I - miss anti-craft, no-talent for art, doesn't try to be fashionable person.....end up with an artistic kid who wants to learn fashion and Paris?

 Me "what are you guys doing?"
Arianna "I'm telling Kaitlyn a story"
Arianna "about the girl who killed her older sister."
Well, okay then. Somebody ticked off her younger sister...

I give up...ALL these years trying to convince people that "perfectly normal" people "like us" homeschool...We are NOT normal..My kids are NOT normal...Be GLAD I homeschool so your kids and their teachers don't have to put up with my kids :)  I love them dearly...there is just no way this can be considered "normal". LOL. I think I'm going to bed early...REALLY early...
 And once again we have "entertained" the customers...this time at Joann's fabric. Kaitlyn was taking the opportunity to look at "stuff" for her sewing projects...Arianna however was looking at the same stuff..sewing baskets as it turns out aren't just for sewing...Arianna wants one to carry and I quote" blood samples, my tall looking thing (I'm assuming microscope here), chemicals, beakers, vials and stuff. Then I can take the stuff with me when I have to go somewhere...and blow stuff up." Luckily I know she means mix stuff and watch chemical reactions and not actually blow things up.....I hope ;)


Of course my husband does wonder when we will have FBI coming past the house to check up on Arianna's "blow things up" statements...I only wonder if I should keep the coffee on for them ;)