Saturday, February 28, 2015

CERT "EarthQuake" Victim Day

Today they had CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training and needed "victims". My kids of course thought this sounded like GREAT FUN and volunteered right away! They have been counting down the days for this!
We got up early and left the "guys" home and us girls headed to Grand Ronde to be made up into victims. I wasn't to sure how the girls were going to handle it so I was an "observer" today and got to take pictures. First stop after checking in and getting a doughnut was "make up". Arianna volunteered to go first. She had bruises and a compound fracture (but they didn't bring a "bone" to use on her).

 Kaitlyn was next with a bloody nose.


Since we were the first people there, We had some "down time" and got to see some of the other "injuries" as they appeared.

Before long it was "into positions!"

After much moaning and groaning and a few screams they got "rescued!" and triaged!

By the time we were almost done Arianna had everyone in triage in stitches (figuratively speaking!). I must admit even the adults were having a great time! This was one of the coolest experiences as per the girls and they are already signing up for future victim days (each is a different disaster and at a different location). I also must say they all were the funnest, happiest "victims" I've ever seen!