Friday, February 27, 2015

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center - Oregon city, OR

Today's Fieldtrip was the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon city. We had a blast! Our first stop was a discussion about wagon trains and what jobs different people would have and at about what ages. So the kids got a chance to learn about picking up buffalo chips for fires which the kids actually got to hold/touch (thankfully the resembled old funny looking rocks and not animal poop).

Then they pulled up a volunteer...(Dominic decided to help as well)
and they learned how the youngest kids got to clean oxens noses out on a regular basis. I must say, Kaitlyn was very happy they didn't make her demonstrate it on a real ox!
After that it was over to the general store to see what they might need for their trip and learn to pack a wagon!
While some worked hard to help figure out things and get stuff packed, Others had a different idea...
A good game of chess! Of course, I guess it would help if they both learned how to play it first! Arianna and her friend thought it sounded like fun and since neither of them lost/won it was all good.
After unpacking the wagon everyone headed over to learn how to make butter and candles!

Of course they got to do the butter a little bit differently and use the shake and bake method as we like to call it.

After which is was off to the main office to dress up and look around in their shop area.
The kids really enjoyed it and got to bring home their candles. Pizza for dinner and an early night. They have more fun stuff coming up!