Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Poor Mickey Mouse...

My kids found a bendable Mickey Mouse figure the other day...apparently he is a very interesting mouse. Today they are checking him for food and plant allergies, hypersensitivity to bug bites and have diagnosed him with "itchyearitis" which I didn't realize was a life threatening bacterial infection for mice but easily treatable with lots of care, plenty of cheese and screen time.
After deciding that Mickey Mouse might just live, the girls decided that today would be a great day to see about temporary hair colors. They got pink and blue streaks (and in some cases purple) thru their hair and Dominic even got a couple of blue streaks himself. The color disappeared rather fast so I did try and get a couple of pictures of it and I'll have to download them and see how they turned out.
We got several packets out in the mail to a few homeschool families in different states which the kids enjoyed doing.
Spring cleaning is still underway with most of the outside garage stuff done, finished garage (storage room/new craft/science place) is still being worked on. We gave away two of the older bikes and the trailer is almost loaded and ready to go to the dump again this weekend and then we should be mostly done with the big stuff.
We have 3 fieldtrips between Wednesday and Saturday so we will be busy! The girls are looking forward to all of them and of course I'll post pictures as soon as we have them.