Friday, February 20, 2015

Working on math...

Usually in the car. We do have some of the best lessons away from the house! The other day out of the blue in the car...

Arianna "mom, I know what 4 x 3 is"
Me "what?"
Ari "11"
Me "no but close!"
Kaitlyn "it's 12. 4 groups of 3 is basically 2 groups of 6. 6 + 6 is 12, so 6 x2 is 12 so 4 x3 is 12."
Well at least they understand manipulating numbers and how to find the answers instead of just memorizing things. I want them to understand how to get to the answer as much as I want them to be able to figure out the right answer. I love that they are able to visualize this in their head and put it into smaller pieces. 

Kaitlyn is doing well on her reading and reads a little bit everyday, Arianna is still a bit harder to pin down but at least she is saying she likes to read and is having some interest in doing a bit more as well. 

of course one of their favorite things in still the snap circuit set. They had a friend spend a couple of nights and they all had a good time playing with the set and did some of the more complicated stuff all on their own!

They also have been working on composing their own music. They sat in the car on a recent trip, discussing beat, melody, dramatic elements, wording, etc. and had a great time! They have been playing with styles of music as well. This should be interesting. 

Kaitlyn also is starting to schedule portrait sessions with other homeschoolers to become a better portrait photographer. She already has 10 families working with her!

Arianna has a few experiments she has come up with (with help from youtube and experiment books) so we will be doing some of those next week as well. 
The next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting!