Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The rock..

We hadn't been up to "the rock" in ages, so we decided since it was such a beautiful day to go for a short walk up to the rock.
 We got past the "alarm system. Both of which were in fine form! Lots of honking and "talking" to us as we went past.
Then the girls wanted to stop for pictures.

Then it was up the big hill...Dominic let the girls get ahead, but he was pretty determined to make it up the hill all on his own!
Once we were up at the top...

I think this is their "We got what?" faces.  Dominic was all into climbing all over the rock. But wasn't allowed on the top except for a few short little visits. Then he pretty much figured, he came, he saw, he conquered, let's go home!
On the way home it was a fast stop at the store to take a look at paint for the trailer. After much deliberation and discussion the girls decided that this one was the one..
So the  metal will be a sky blue, the walls will be white (to match the truck) and then they get to paint on the white walls. They are currently trying to pick out 4 or 5 colors they want to use to paint on the walls with. This should be an interesting project!
Today is cooler than yesterday, so no short sleeves this morning! It's been really hard to remember that its just February! The last few days have been so nice and warm. We get a couple of cooler days then we warm back up some! Looking forward to some more nice days!

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