Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beautiful weather!

Its been beautiful out! Tee-shirt and barefeet warm! Not complaining mind you, it's just not the typical February.

Took the kids on a hike over the weekend..Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge outside Sherwood. It's a bit of a drive but so lovely there! and the facilities are great!

 The girls discovered Deer prints (a mom and baby tracks) and decided to track them a little while

The girls (all of us) got haircuts after the walk...

I'll get a better picture of Arianna's new hair do in a bit. She got a really cut pixie cut (she picked it out) and it's adorable on her and fits her personality perfectly! Kaitlyn got 6 inches taken off and thinks maybe next time she'll go even shorter! She's not sure if she wants something as short as the pixie cut or something in between the two lengths. After that we got the garden trail emptied, had a new faucet installed in the kitchen, Kitchen lights fixed, picked up chicken feed, bedding and a few other projects that have needed to be done. The kids had a valentines day party and had lots of fun. Of course now Kaitlyn's dealing with a froggy voice. 
Almost ready to start my next big project...

Yep, this ugly old thing. I get to strip it, repaint it, put on new sides and bottom. The girls have decided blue to replace the yellow and we are making two sets of the side walls. One set for the garden/trash side of things...and a second set that we want to keep nicer and will be primed, painted, decorated and used to trailer the bikes for bike rides with the big outdoor group, kayaks and coolers, and camping equipment for summer. So yep, a good project for us girls this winter/spring. A lot coming up the next two weeks as well, so we will be back to "busy is the new normal".