Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some weeks!

We normally  take lots of pictures and this week one camera goes ka-put and I drop and break the other one. The only time I have EVER dropped a camera! Dominic broke my eye glasses and I finally got in for new prescriptions, order them (should arrive next week) and some contacts (just in case!)  Yeah, just having to roll with it lately. New camera's are on the way :)

The girls had this conversation earlier this week:
Arianna "that looks like George Washington. He was the first president of the US."
Kaitlyn "Are you sure?"
Arianna "Pretty sure."
Kaitlyn "Mom, was George Washington or Abraham Lincoln the first President?"
Me "George Washington. Lincoln was the 16th president"
Arianna "Dang I knew I shouldn't have watched that program. I actually learned something"

The sarcasm is strong in this one :)

Then kids came up with a plan today. They want to watch a movie on every American President from the oldest to the current in order! So I'm helping them look up the presidents in order and trying to find films on each of them.

Tomorrow the kids have a big valentines day party! They are so looking forward to it! The weather might even co-operate and let us have it at the park! The girls also have a friend coming to spend a few nights with us so there is a lot going on!

We've scheduled a really COOL fieldtrip for the end of the month. I thought we were done learning about community helpers with the Search and Rescue class, but something else came up and the kids are super excited. I've been asked not to tell anyone what it is so they can surprise everyone with the pictures and a description of how things go down that day!

We've started looking at refitting the 4 x 8 garden trailer we have and make it up nicer and get it ready to be used as a camping/biking,/kayak hauler toy. So the girls helped measure it today to make sure I really remembered the measurements correctly. Now its talking about repainting the metal frame and what to do to make it look "cool".

With everything else starting up (hiking, biking, etc) we thought it'd be a good idea to renew the first aid/CPR training so I'm signed up for one early next month. I'm also signed up for a refresher bike maintenance class :)

Lots of planning going on right now!