Monday, March 30, 2015

Kayaks, Willamette Greenways and a quiet evening...

So Daddy surprised the girls by ordering their kayaks (we were going to wait a bit longer, but hey!) After all the dancing and screaming stopped it was a waiting game to see how soon they would show up. Saturday we got a delivery! It was a bit crazy so we didn't get to immediately open them up and check them out. Instead the girls were getting ready for a sleep over at a friends house.
Since I was in that neck of the woods dropping them off Sunday morning I spend a little time checking out the kayaking route thru the Willamette Greenway..

Got to listen to some woodpeckers, saw some Redtail Hawks, some pretty wild flowers etc. and take a small hike without the kids. It was so quiet! Really. QUIET. Since most of our hikes are just a bit noisier than my alone hikes I actually got to see and hear the sounds of nature! It was actually pretty nice and I may have to institute a short alone hike for myself a bit more! Once I got home I decided to enjoy the warm sun and set up at least one of the kayaks.
I picked up the girls today and we headed down to the creek to see how high and fast it was right now..and have decided that maybe the lake might be a better idea for right now! A lot of the area that we usually hang out on is under fairly fast water right now!
In other news the girls have joined SciGirls and have recruited one more girl for their team. I think they want a total of 4 so they have to find one more slightly crazy, science happy, outdoor explorer! So the search is on!
I also got into contact with a local lady who has 3 kids who do go karting and has offered to let Kaitlyn give it a try! Kaitlyn needless to say is walking on air right now! Hoping to meet up with her soon and I'll make sure to get plenty of pictures!