Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star lab and Bats.

The girls went to Star Lab at the University a couple of towns over and seemed to really enjoy it. They learned a lot about the constellations and a few of the stories that go along with them. So now of course they are all excited to learn more about them! The lab is like a large tent and they blow it up in an open area inside one of the buildings.
Once your inside the fun starts! He starts with a view of Earth, then the solar system and then into the galaxy. So the girls got to learn a lot. Our friend Izzy and Her sister Sophie were spending the weekend with us so Izzy got to see the star lab as well.

 We even had a short time to  look thru a couple of the displays they had there that we thought were interesting.

And then...

Bats! Yep, Bats. The girls know I got a "fly over" by a bat one night while shutting up the chickens for the night. They thought maybe making a bat house might be a good idea to keep it happy and keep it here. So they've started learning a little more about bats (did you know that an adult bat can eat over a thousand insects in an hour?) and we visited the Department of Fish and wildlifes webpage and found lots of interesting information about the bats in our area. They even had a poster we could call and request so we did! A couple of days later we received this in the mail...

We got a very cool poster and a flyer about batty for bats AND they even sent us a 200 page book on naturescaping!

 The book has all kinds of information about what to plant to attract different types of wildlife! Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, bats, etc. so we are all excited to start going thru it and finding what we can do to attract different things! Now to make a bat house and get it put up!