Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zoo School

One of our favorite field trips each year is the Zoo with Zoo school. This time we got to learn about NW animals and got a few surprises as well. We met up with some friends, and after checking most everyone in for the fieldtrip headed into the zoo ourselves. Some of our first stops included the black bear..Who decided to go for a climb...

We visited Some of our favorite birds..
and practiced some climbing skills..
 Then Dominic found a favorite as well...
My little monkey girl decided to check to see how she measured up...

Before long it was time for our class! We had a great turn out and Fiona at the Zoo was again a wonderful hostess and presenter! The kids really like her.

Our first animal was a bird...the cute (and very tired!!) Screech Owl..

Then we got a special surprise! We got to see and pet a rubber boa which is one of Oregon's native species. Ours was actually the first class who got to see him and he handled is wonderfully! The snakes name...O'look!Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of him.
The next animal was also a special treat! Apparently he doesn't do many classes and we were amount the rare classes to have him! He sure was a huge hit with the class! Our friend the mink!
Such a fun and silly little animal. He had all of us laughing and giggling at his antics! He eventually went thru his tube, into the water, grabbed his fish and slide back out onto the sheet. A very good entertainer!
After the class, it was off to ride the carousel that was visiting for a couple of weeks, then off to find more animals.

Of course there is always time to stop and grab a picture with some of our friends...

We are missing a couple of friends in the picture, but they didn't want to sit still long enough for it!
Dominic decided to play on the safari truck and you can see one of his new buddies behind him..
Both boys were having a pretty good time!

Then we found something Dominic thought was pretty awesome...

That boy does like his reptiles!
Kaitlyn has decided that maybe working at the zoo would be pretty cool and thinks maybe she should look at wildlife biology. She's also discovered the series "Scigirls" and is having a ball watching all the cool science episodes. OF course, now both girls want to build an underwater ROV...Which is now on our list of things to do this summer.