Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Long, but fun day

We spent the day with friends (or at least the kids did, I was the "babysitter" while my mom-friend worked a double shift). The kids had a great time. We arrived first thing this morning and while the kids were all waking up we were in the living room when Ari - Wonderful Ari started acting a bit hyper and Kaitlyn told her she was crazy. Arianna in typical Ari fashion stated "I'm not crazy. I'm overreacting!" She was pretty darn proud of it too. What a ham!

So far this week we have learned about different types of rices, from different countries and are on the hunt for a few cool recipes to try that we can try some of the uncommon varieties. The girls made up a game "trampoline soccer" and then had baby brother play with them. He's not so sure about this trampoline thing and seems to think his sisters are out to get him!

The girls asked for a few workbooks to "play school" with and I tried to make sure I could find something that would interest them and still challenge them somewhat. Looks like they will start with grade 4 math and science workbooks and grade 2 vocabulary/spelling and reading. Now I just have to go take a look at the different ones and see which ones the kids actually like.

Today the girls went to the store and Arianna wanted to spend some of her allowance (they just got their first "paycheck") and it was very interesting watching them go thru the store and see what she might want to purchase. Kaitlyn isn't spending any of hers until after next week when she looks to see if her "paycheck" will cover the cost of the wildlife tracks book she has wanted for the last year.
Anyway, Arianna finally found what she wanted to purchase (she got 2 and gave one to Kaitlyn) and she went ahead of me to pay for her purchase. The teller ran her purchases and as Arianna handed the money to her, She told the teller what she expected back in change. It was pretty funny and thankfully Arianna seems to be very accurate and detailed when it comes to money. She did ask me if I though she was making a "wise decision" on her spending, I replied that I think she did well and she'll enjoy her lunch tomorrow!

Looking forward to some fun fieldtrips over the next 2 weeks! Kaitlyn has some photo shoots to do as well so we should be busy as normal!