Saturday, March 7, 2015

Some Oregon History, and other fun stuff..

Friday we got up a bit early and headed out to the wildlife refuge again. We had to go by there anyway on our way to Oregon City and figured we might as well stop and let Kaitlyn spend her allowance on the book she's been wanting for almost a year now! Then we thought we'd take a small walk afterwards.
 First stop was the gift store and picked up the book, so we would have it on the walk...

Kaitlyn had a great time looking thru it and studying it while we followed the trail, even Dominic decided to take a peek at the book.
Then Kaitlyn discovered...Sasquatch!

Yep, We must be in the Pacific Northwest!
Then it was on to Willamette Falls and a little more about Oregon History.
The view point is just a side of the highway attraction but gave us a nice view of Mt. Hood (top photo) and the falls. Plus it was a nice stopping point to just get out and stretch.
This morning is was an up and out of the house for me as I had First Aid and CPR training (it had been awhile and I really needed to renew it!). It was a lot of fun, and the instructor (who also happened to be the search and rescue contact) is great. He found out I was signing up for an 8 week course with another friend of his as well. Small towns, you gotta love 'em. Tomorrow its a housework while I talk the husband into getting the kids out to the park and out of the house. Trying to clean house when a 20 month old just follows behind and dumps everything you just picked up, means the clean doesn't  last long if they are all home!

In other news I've been trying to persuade Dominic that a curling iron is NOT a light saber..I've also been losing the battle. He played light saber for a while...right up until he light sabered himself in the head. He got over his "injury" with in seconds and was on to more adventures!