Thursday, March 12, 2015

Smith and Bybee Wetlands and Kelley Point Park - Portland Oregon

Had a wonderful day hanging with friends down at the wetlands, then took a fast trip over to Kelley Point Park (we'd never gone!).  First stop at Smith and Bybee were we met up with a couple of new faces and then headed out for a walk..some plants were in bloom...

We even got to see a good sized turtle! The picture is a little off, but the kids kept hitting the fence I was trying to steady myself on. LOL!
Dominic had a great time exploring!
We want to go back in a few weeks to see everything in bloom. Lots of the trees etc. had buds on there and I figure by a couple of weeks there should be some fun new stuff to look at. Then it was over to Kelley Point Park and lots of playing on the beach!

We found a great picnic area, a very cool spot to sit and watch the great big boats coming in (shipping channel) no water to play in due to the dangers but lots of fun other wise!  We are looking forward to exploring there a bit more!
All in all everyone had a great if somewhat tiring time!