Saturday, April 11, 2015

A day of adventure!

The kids and I headed down to Salem to investigate Minto Brown Island Park with some other homeschoolers. Since I knew we were going to be a bit early I said we'd meet up at the playground.
The kids had a great time and had a chance to get rid of some of the excess energy.

Once everyone else showed up it was time for adventure! Arianna scouted ahead for us and found lots of great stuff like: ladybugs, birds, animal tracks, and dogs.

We decided to walk around Oxbow Slough. Thru the field

 And back into the wooded area where Arianna did a great job finding animal tracks (deer, raccoon, dog and  people)
and a snail.
Then it was skipping rocks, or just throwing rocks into the Willamette river.

We met a couple of new faces and met up with some friends as well. The girls said it was the best day of adventuring ever! They LOVED their new Binoculars!