Saturday, April 11, 2015


The girls spent a little while this morning at Lowe's doing their build and grow Saturday.
They got goggles, a work apron, their build kit and picked up a hammer and went to work!

Arianna got the hang of it a little faster than Kaitlyn, but both did a great job!

And when they were all done they got a certificate, an iron on reward badge and a lot of enthusiasm for more projects!

They both picked up a race car kit to make at home for baby brother and picked up two small hammers for their new tool boxes :)
Dominic of course was THRILLED with the race cars! He love anything with wheels!
In fact he got his first tractor this week as well thanks to the girls and the Easter money he found! Kaitlyn bought a watch and Arianna bought a few small gem rocks and a dinosaur sticker book. It's been a busy week and LOTS of fun!