Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's about TIME!! GO KARTING!!

We got the word this morning! She was good to go to the track and give it a go this evening!

  When we first arrived we meet with Smark Family Racing and learned a little about the carts, what she would need to wear for races, we watched their 9 year old go around the track a few times and then it was time for Kaitlyn to say "yes" or "no" to trying it out!
Guess what she said! LOL. She stood at the trailer while they found stuff for her to wear on the ride.
Then I stood back and let the experts handle everything! First was getting suited up!

Then it was checking to see how the peddle extensions where for her..
and then it was out to the track!
She did a couple of little oval laps, then started feeling a little braver and picked up some speed, got a little nervous and went off the track a tiny bit. They got her back on the track and back in the cart and she was ready to go some more! After another small run it was out to the full track and see how she did! She did really good for her first time! She took it slow the first couple of laps had an issue with one corner and went off the track just a tiny bit (enough to get stuck) and after a little bit of help she was going again!
She had a blast!
She talked about it all the way home (even thru the fast stop at the store!). Now of course Arianna thinks she would like to give it a try as well! So we said we'd see about meeting up again and getting Arianna a chance to give it a try! All in all a very FUN day for the kids!