Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rough start to the week..

Yep, we got hit by a Monday..I really hate Mondays!

I had our youngest wake up at 2:30 and play until 4:30, just in time for a nap, which of course means we overslept. We were late leaving the house, I couldn't get permission slips for the group to print nor could I get it to download to my phone to take to Staples and print, So I asked a friend to print them, and she ran out of ink and had to stop at staples which of course made her late as well! Then we got lost on the way to the fieldtrip, got behind an accident clean up, by the time we did get where we were going everyone had already headed out on a hike. So once our friends got there we headed out somewhere else to relax for a bit on the way home. We headed to the wildlife refuge and walked the seasonal path that is only open May to October and I'm so glad we did! What a nice little hike!
It was overcast on and off. Occasionally the sun would come out and warm things up a lot so by the time we were heading back everyone had gotten down to t-shirts.

 We checked out the eagle nest but didn't really see much.

All the kids had a great time and Dominic was pretty determined to keep up with them most of the time! Doesn't he look determined! It's a little blurry as it was a Oh, man grab the camera and snap a picture quick type photo..

Then since he'd had such a great time playing all night Sunday night, he decided a second night might be worth it! Up at 3:30, but I got him to lay quietly in bed with me for an hour before he was ready to get up. He finally went to take a nap around 7:15 but I only got about 1/2 an hour in. Hope I have enough coffee to keep me all day! I'm really wanting to hit a reset button on the whole week!