Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirty fun, a play, a historical visit, victim day, a UFO, Dutch AND French... and fencing..

in other words a week in review!
We had science class and tried to catch some crawdads (which we would then release back into the stream) but although the kids had a great time trying to find them and then catch them, they didn't have much luck! We started out at the local creek with just the kids before our friends arrived...

Then once the rest of our friends arrived it was on to the crawdad part!

Not a lot of success but it was a lot of dirty fun!

After that it was over for a fun snack and ice cream!
Later in the week it was over to the Children's Theater in Portland for a play "the Little Mermaid" which of course was interesting but much different than the movie and was the kids first time seeing an on stage play!
The kids enjoyed it, even Dominic was pretty happy to sit and watch it.
Lots of music and dancing. Of course once the kids were done and heading out to the car it was "Mom, it was a good play...but they messed the movie all up!" Oh well. got a fast lunch and headed to our next stop...Fort Yamhill! We met up with another friend and her kids (who are wonderful!) and had fun walking around the old fort site and discovering little tidbits of interesting information from pages of the soldiers diary they had placed around the area to get a feel for what it must have been like!

 We even found some of these in a small section of the grounds!

After that it was a day off (well kind of) before more craziness! We did have a Dutch skype lesson and a French skype lesson before....

Victim day!

Since I got to be a rescuer this time instead of just observing I didn't get many pictures but had to get a couple from our fearless leader Wendy of our friends who as always do things with "style"! I love these kids!
As soon as we were done doing the rescuing it was home, lunch and then Dad took the girls to see the UFO parade while mom put Dominic down for a short nap and  got a chance to relax for a little while.
The next day it was out for fencing...

No! Not that fencing! This kind...

And this...

and this...
and then Dad had to get in on the action!
Arianna (and even Dominic) seem to have inherited Dad's love of knives, swords etc. and were so excited to be there! Kaitlyn thought it was "okay" but Arianna was literally vibrating with energy and happiness! So what do we do? Sign her up for lessons of course~! She starts lessons in just a couple of weeks! She is so excited about it!

I finished my CERT classes and am kind of sad to be done with them! So much interesting information! The class was a lot of fun! The girls of course found out that I had passed everything and had to give me high fives. What a week!

This week its all kinds of chores at home! Then it's time to hit the ground running again!