Monday, June 8, 2015

Niagara Falls OREGON...yeah, not THE Niagara Falls :)

We went with some friends over to Niagara Falls in the Siuslaw National Forest just East of Beaver Oregon along the Nestucca River Road that travels between Beaver and Carlton Oregon. The trip is a beautiful drive and there are several very small camp grounds along the way which we may eventually need to check out! Its been years since our last trip out there and the road is much different than it used to be! After parking at the trailhead and getting everyone situated (8 kids, 3 adults) it was time to head out! It's a fairly short trip (1 mile to the punchbowl formation). The walk in is pretty and lots to see


 You cant hear the waterfalls until your almost to the end of the trip. The First waterfall you can actually see from the trail is the second waterfall not the first one you pass..

 As you turn a corner you finally get to the first Waterfall...
Then a little further on and you get to the picnic area..

and the second waterfall, which you can get down to and explore!

Which they did! and LOTS of it!! The trip to the falls is pretty easy (because its mostly down hill!) and it doesn't occur to you that it also means it's mostly all uphill going back! After all that playing the uphill walk was a bit of a battle! Of course we've all recovered now and the kids all want to go back!