Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend list of honey do's...

It was a very long weekend of getting stuff done. Which is always nice, except when your still not feeling 100%. My better half did a great job in finishing some things in the upcoming hangout slash school room. Casters got put on our shelves, the table top is finished and the bottom half is ready to go except for a couple of coats of stain. Kaitlyn spent Saturday being a GREAT big sister for Dominic and a good little helper for me.

She pulled out all the magazine file folders for me to go thru and whittle things down a bit to things we really want for this year and got rid of duplicates or things that were old and needed to be reordered (thankfully, these are all pretty much free stuff we can order from different places!)
Then after she did that she put together Dominic's easel for the school room! She did a great job!
Dominic went right to work!
Then the idea of taking things outside came up...

I finally had to get the hammock chair that will hang in the hangout room out for Kaitlyn to sit on and watch Dominic..before long....
What's better than a cuddle with sis!

I had a few people ask about some things we are doing this year with the kids, and how I put things together..Which I'll start posting in the next day or two. The most asked ones seem to be history and science. I'll take some pictures, write down what I generally do and we can go from there :) So that should be up in the next couple of days and then before long we should have some pictures of the hangout slash school room...and yes, I would normally just type the slash symbol...but that button seems to have decided to stop working...again.