Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our week in Review...

We spent a day at the coast over the weekend as a "field trip". It was overcast, but not rainy and everyone had a great time!
The kids all walked with Omi down the boardwalk..
Until they heard a great ruckus!

Sealions! The kids thought it was great! Arianna even made sure to show Dominic..
Its not until your there that you remember exactly how loud those guys get! First stop was lunch (of course!)

Afterwards it was on to the fun stuff!
 Undersea gardens (while I remember it being somewhat better than it appears to be now the kids did enjoy might be worth the price if you make one of the shows, but just walking thru it I would really have to think about it. We did however get a groupon price so I didn't feel to badly).
There is only one very small touch tank and not much in it at that. The fish in the bigger tanks where rather limited as well, but the kids had fun and I guess in the end that is what counts..Arianna did have a moment when she was rather upset she couldn't check out the artifacts at a closer range..

After that it was into the wax museum to meet some interesting individuals...
and of course..what visit would be complete without Spock...
or a fast peek at Marilyn..
After that it was to Ripleys believe it or not..where the kids tended NOT to believe it LOL!

The kids have a list of things they want to look up from famous pirates (Anne Bonny), to actors and actresses and several cultures they thought interesting from the Believe it or not trip :) Looks like they will be learning something from there after all!

The rest of the week we did some school, worked on the school room, and worked on lesson plans for the kids. We have a couple extra for science and history classes that will be joining us and we wanted to make sure we had a good class supply list at least for the first semester of school. Unfortunately I got sick Wednesday night and am not feeling the school thing today. We did get an hour of reading in with Omi and The kids have agreed to do some work over the weekend to keep on schedule!