Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome a new school year in!

We've been super busy! Still have some things to finish in the school room, but vlog and pictures on that will be coming soon! The girls decided they wanted to try something a little different this year so we are getting actual curriculum this year. We wanted to try a few different things so we have multiple things for each subject. I'll post some of the stuff we are trying new this year.
These will cover some geography and cultural studies. We did get a couple of geogrpahy books as well and I'll post them later. Also on for this year..Science..

We are starting out with the science around the world and the zoology stuff. We are skipping around in the third and 4th grade science books to go along with our current stuff and we will do Geology towards the other half of the year.  The lower pictures show some of the science kits and card games we picked up.
For history we are combining 3 different things into more of a unit study type approach..
We will see how we like it!
Then on to the fun stuff! We already have 2 fieldtrips (in one day!) under our belt for this year! The first stop was a four hour adventure thru the Oregon Gardens in Silverton during their homeschool days! We picked up a friend and I dropped off Dominic so that we could have a bit more relaxed time. The kids did seed germination experiments, tried edible plants, dissected owl pellets, studied animal tracks and more!

Of course we also had our favorite subjects show up around the gardens...

and Arianna of course was curious..pokey or soft...
SOFT!! Felt really cool too!
then of course we saw this and it gives you a hint about our second fieldtrip...
Our local wildlife refuge did a night class on bats that was super interesting and then afterwards we sat out on the deck of their facilities and watched the bats fly around us! My older daughter thinks they are super cool while my younger daughter thinks they are a bit creepy..but they both like them!
It was a super long day. We were up and out the door before 8 and didn't get home and into bed until 10 at night! The kids did sleep in this morning somewhat though!
More fieldtrips in 2 days! Lots of fun stuff planned for the year!