Monday, September 30, 2013

Puzzles, plans and other happenings...

Finally had a chance to put together the solar system puzzle...
And since the weekend had record rain fall we didn't do to much! This is the last week of having Omi and Opa here, and things will get back to our "normal" schedule soon. Well, as much of "normal" as we ever have :)

The homeschool group has a "family fun night" coming up with some bowling, Next week all our activities (besides swimming which of course is already in progress) start up! 4H meeting(s), Arts and Crafts club, I'm also currently talking to several places to set up fieldtrips for the group. Looking forward to a lot of new things coming up in the next month! I'm in the process of putting together the first "science day" of the year (rocket races, geysers, volcano's, spaceships, etc) Should be lots of fun!
I'm hoping next summer we can get up to Mt. St. Helens and visit for the day!

Pinterest is helping me out with the Arts and Crafts stuff (have I mentioned I'm horribly ungifted in this department and STILL helping the girls start the club? LOL).

Today it's out to get glow in the dark paints, and the rest of the supplies to finish the solar system unit study. Lots to do!!