Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to work..

Well Omi and Opa should be home at some point today. We loved having them visit, but now its back to work...Today its school work, house work, setting off a geyser and rocket, and getting ready for tomorrows Arts and Crafts club meeting. We had a 4H informational meeting yesterday for the homeschool group. I'll be leading two different meetings this year, one for homeschoolers during the normal school hours and a second one for our group from last year :)  We're also in the process of setting up a couple of field trips and developing a couple of new activities for the kids. We also have a hike planned for Friday so I'll be posting some pictures soon!

It seems I need to get some more vinegar before I can do this nifty rocket. Our first try it was to loose the second try was to tight and the rocket was kind of stuck on the base. And that was all the vinegar I had on hand. Think I'll have to get the big industrial size! We did manage to do a small geyser. Kaitlyn was the one adding in the mentos and only got one in before she ran to escape the geyser. LOL. So it's off to the store later for more Rocket fuel (pop, baking soda, vinegar and mentos). LOL. What a combination!