Thursday, October 10, 2013

And that lasted all of a day...

Yep. We got to work yesterday, but today...NADA so far. Yesterday afternoon I doing some work with Kaitlyn and notice a funny spot on her gums. I got a closer look and yep, It's an abscess. So I called made an appointment for first thing this morning. We were up and out the door by 6:30 for her appointment, where they took x-rays, couldn't find anything that would have caused it and decided since it was between the baby tooth (which was starting to get loose) and the adult tooth, they would just to go ahead and pull the tooth out to let the abscess drain and heal a little cleaner as the adult tooth works it's way down.

After having her tooth pulled, we headed home (after picking up a little treat for her of course!) since we still had a huge day ahead of us. By 10:30 she was insisting she was doing good enough to "lead" Arts and Crafts club and make it to the swimming class tonight! What a tough kid!

The theme for Arts and crafts for today was "Painting with Nature" so we got out the table, the paints, the sponges etc. and took everything outside! We were all set up when the kids started arriving.  Some did great getting the idea onto paper, while others had a great time making a mess and then going to play in the street :)

Then it was Pizza for dinner and swim lessons, taking care of the animals and finally heading to bed!
What a day!! Tomorrow it's up and at 'em early for schoolwork, getting some chores done than off to the woods for a picnic and a hike with all the kids. Looking forward to it!