Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost there....

It's almost Christmas! The girls are so excited! They have been using their little advent calendars from Nanna Janette to count down the days as well as using the calendar we made on the wall. They are doing a great job finding the day/date and counting down to the next event. We have December and January up and once December is over we'll start on making up a calendar for February.
We are once again doing a tradition of "non-tradition" and doing up a fiesta for Christmas. Homemade enchiladas and Nacho's and then doing the traditional pumpkin pie (along with chocolate cream and banana cream!). Then of course we will have deviled eggs and spring/egg rolls. LOL. We just seem to pick out things we'll like with no rhyme or reason! I am trying a little change and doing my normal enchilada's which everyone loves but making a second kind to try them out. I also wanted to make a fun and yummy rice desert but couldn't find sticky rice here in town to save my life! I have a couple of places I can check today but I'm almost afraid I'll have to go to an Asian Market which is way to far away to go before Christmas. I was so looking forward to it as well! Darn.
Of course I also LOVE the big Asian market in the "big city" so maybe this will be an excuse to go there more often (I haven't been in AGES!!).

Right now we have a fun friend staying with us for almost a whole month. My oldest sons best friend "N" is staying the winter break with us. The girls were so excited that "best buddy" was coming to stay with us. He's such a good sport! He even let the girls do a "make over" on him...
 The girls really went all out for him! LOL!!

This morning Dominic woke up early (maybe he's getting excited for Christmas too?). He did play quietly for a while and then all of a sudden started "yelling" at me while looking at the Christmas tree. So I turned on the Christmas lights and he was happy as a clam. He even made the trip over to enjoy the lights up close...

He does seem to enjoy the lights! He has also "helped" wrap gifts the last couple of days and enjoys playing with the left over wrapping paper! Which is one of the reasons we don't put the gifts out under the tree until after the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve! Of course the other is that I'm fairly certain the girls would just have to keep "checking" on the presents to make sure they were still okay.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Christmas! We'll post soon after I'm sure to thank everyone for their gifts and post pictures of their "loot"!

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