Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

The girls were excited all day. The day was so nice that the husband took the three kids to the park while I got some cooking/baking done for tomorrow. We made plans to have Omi and Opa on the webcam while the kids open presents in the morning and then after that we're going to talk with Auntie Gems and Nanna Janette in the UK. I'm not sure what they are more excited about the presents or getting to see all the family on the computer!
While the excitement seemed to get the better of them at times, they still went to bed at a decent time (8:30) and by 9:30 we were able to move the tree out a bit and put all the presents out and get ready for the morning. Now I'm just waiting for the sticky buns to finish cooking for tomorrow's breakfast and I'm heading to bed myself! I'm sure since the girls went to bed SO early they'll be up by 4!!
Good night everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!