Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Well, it finally arrived and for a change...the girls slept in! I couldn't believe it! I finally had to go wake them up because they were taking way to long. Unfortunately while the girls slept in Dominic was up at 3:45 and ready to play for awhile. He'd had a horrid night with a stuffy/runny nose and breathing issues so he wasn't exactly a happy camper last night.
So to keep him entertained with out letting him get to the presents I let him "open" his sock.

He finally took a nap before the girls woke up and by the time Omi and Opa were on the computer with us he was feeling a bit better. The girls had a great time opening presents and even helped baby brother open a few.

Once everything was unwrapped it was time to start actually putting everything together...
While the girls and Daddy put Dominic's big new toy together he decided now would would be another good time for a nap. Opening presents is hard work!
Finally everything was put together and we of course had to try out EVERYTHING!

Our new Christmas socks from Auntie Gems and Uncle David.

Our FUN new booster chair and play tray from Omi and Opa!

Then the girls showed him how to play with his new big toy...and when he finally did it by himself...

After playing with that a little while it was a short play time on his new floor piano from Mom and Dad...

By then the girls were ready to do some playing with their own stuff.

Kaitlyn was up on the guitar while Arianna got some keyboard time in..
Then when they were all done they put everything away ...
Kaitlyn in her gig bag and Ari put on the cover that mommy made for the keyboard.

They had a ball with their newest pets...
Sparkly and Fiesta! From Auntie Gems and Uncle David. They've pretty much carried them everywhere today.
We had a late breakfast of homemade sticky rolls (one with nuts, one without).
And by early afternoon Arianna curled up in bed with mommy for a short nap, while Dominic did some sleeping on daddy out in the living room.  Kaitlyn played on her guitar at least 5 times today. She's so excited. Arianna has played the piano several times as well (and thankfully we at least had earphones for her so we didn't have to hear the "battle of the bands" while they both played at the same time).
Daddy got some music sheets for his flute and the piano. Mommy got two things that are guaranteed to keep her happy for awhile...

Dutch Brothers Coffee gift card and the Alien movies. WOOT! Big brother got a couple of video games and since it's his birthday this week as well he got a third one pre-ordered that won't be out until February.

It's been a long day, dinner is finally done and everyone is hopefully going to wind down before to late this evening.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!