Friday, February 14, 2014

Fieldtrip day!

Yep, field trip day! We went up to the World Forestry Center in Portland to meet up with a bunch of other homeschoolers and had a ball! We had scheduled a class to get us started called Native Americans living on the land. Where we learned a few things about how the Native American's in the area lived before the settlers came. Then we heard a story about how raccoon got his mask and strips on his tail. Then it was into the main building to do lots of exploring!

For the most part the homeschool group had the whole building to ourselves which was nice. We had about 8 adults and 17 kids. We met some new people and had fun. We tried 8 times to get the kids all in the "boat" they have to get the pictures taken, but the kids had to much fun jumping and moving in the boat that none, NONE of the pictures turned out (the "automatic" ones that the computer system takes) so I'm going to have to hit up some of the other ladies for the photo's they took with their phones. I try not to post pictures of the other kids here unless I have specific permission from parents, which is why the girls always seem to be "alone" on their field trips.
One of my friends was nice enough to let me borrow her little umbrella stroller while we were there since with the "beast" full I couldn't take the big stroller I have.
Thankfully Dominic doesn't seem upset to be in a "girly" stroller. He actually had a great time and was all smiles for the trip. On the way home I stopped on mid-way and picked up a stroller for Dominic. It's a little more "boyish" in black/red and the girls had a ball helping me put it together when we got home. It's slightly bigger and bulkier than the one we used today, but still folds up about the same size so it will be easy to "travel" with.
Today we have music lessons before a party this afternoon (thanks to mom messing up earlier this week, but thankfully it turned out well and Bethany had other things she could do since we missed our classes and she was able to get us in at an earlier time today than our "normal" class time so we could still go to the party as well!)
The next couple of weeks we have a lot scheduled! Science club, 4h (the second group), music lessons, some more field trips...The girls are really looking forward to it!