Monday, February 17, 2014

It's a jungle out there....

or rather, in here....What happens when you have kids learning about the rainforest but they can't go there? How do you make it come alive for them? Bring the rainforest to them! That's our project tomorrow. The white tubing you see are the "tree's". We are going to wrap them in brown paper (also shown). Two will run the full top to bottom of our window...
The two shorter ones will be smaller tree's (the tubing ran about $7.00 each for two 10 foot lengths) We got all four tree's from the two tubes. The store was also having a sale on the real plants I picked up (so maybe $15.00 for two orchids and a bromeliad) then it was out to pick up some vines and fake leaves for the project (Dollar store had all of it!) and of course what is a rainforest with out the birds? so I picked up two small birds at the dollar store as well! Total spent for the brown paper, leaves,vines and birds $10.00) Not everything here is pictured yet. We have brown cloth for the "forest floor" and some stuffed and plastic animals/bugs to go in it once it's all put together. We had picked up a few things earlier from Goodwill so total for the whole project less than $45.00! WOOT! Significantly cheaper than 5 plane tickets to Costa Rica!
I'll post some pictures we will take during the process tomorrow and the final results!
We also made a trip to Costco this weekend and found a really fun dinosaur book for Arianna.
It has pieces to make up several dinosaurs and a pull out diorama at the end for you to place them on! We'll start the book later this week. She's super excited! I'll make sure to post a picture once we have the whole Dino project completed!