Monday, March 31, 2014

our "new" room...

It's been a fairly long process (or at least it feels that way when you have to move around furniture and painting supplies to get anywhere!) and we aren't completely finished, but the majority it done!
Here's a prior shot of the School area

and how it looks now.
Our school books have been organized and put into our themes using magazine files
The fabric cubes hold all of our "loose" stuff (math manipulatives, fake money, a few games, etc. in one, science in another and Language arts misc. stuff in another). right now the babies stuff is in the bottom two levels so at least if he gets into stuff, it's stuff he can have.

We've relocated the cages, small bookshelves and the kids "just for fun" books and I'll have to take a picture of that area later.

Here's the big book shelves when we started the process.

and now.

Papers that were just laying around have been "processed" (either filed or tossed) some books have been donated as they were stuff nobody would be reading. We'll be adding a few magazine file folders here as well to hold all the loose music books (flute, guitar and piano). The shelves will eventually be replaced with custom built-ins thanks to the Hubby. It's nice having someone who likes to do woodwork!

The window area (well, okay the "rainforest area" since that was the only recent picture I could find)
and now
The window seat still needs to be stripped and repainted the new color so it's not exactly finished but at least you have a good idea of what it'll look like when it's not being used for a school project.

We still have to replace baseboards, put up pictures, etc. and that'll happen slowly but surely. The Hall is almost done as well, we just have to finish the bottom area (I'll have to do this when the baby is out of the house or taking a nap as he thinks the hallway is the "come chase me" area. We have a first coat of paint up on the bathroom walls as well. Then we also need to replace the flooring and cabinet/sink in there eventually.  Lots of projects!!

The front garden area will be next as well, once we get a good break from the rain. I'm off to finish some projects and get ready for Science club tomorrow. Lots of fun planned!